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Source is a progressive rock/metal band out of Boulder Colorado. Formed in 2013, Benjamin Gleason, Justin Mirarck and Riley Selleck create consciousness based music through the exploration of flotation tanks, philosophy, meditation, yoga, and other embodiment and mindfulness practices. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is. Their debut album “Return To Nothing” released September 23rd 2016 on Pavement Entertainment won Metal Nexus’ #1 Best album of 2016 and Heavy Music HQ’s #9 Best Progressive Metal album of 2016! The video for their new hit single “Memories of yesterday” has already been played on AXS TV, Promo Only, Club Com network and many more!

Source recently released their second album “Totality” with producer Ulrich Wild (deftones, pantera, dethklok, white zombie) on March 1st 2019. “Totality” brings a more refined and evolved sound from Source which is sure to please progressive rock and metal fans alike. Totality has already received high praise from Metalsucks, Heavy music hq, angry metal guy, and many more! Totality has been in the top 50 on the Metal Contraband chart for 5 weeks topping at #28 on 4/30/19 and #27 on the nacc loud rock charts on 4/2/19.

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