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Keelan Jones


In 1987, after having spent seven years of his life surrounded by a musically talented family, Mrs. Darlene Jones felt that it was time for her youngest son, Keelan Jones, to nourish his latent talent music. Keelan began to aggressively study the technique of playing drums. At the age of eleven, Keelan added bass guitar to his repertoire. In late 2008, he embarked on the next journey of his musical career, by adding producing to his credits.

His college years were a major factor in the development of his own production company BackBeat Productionz. This development resulted in the release of his debut project “FlipSide” on January 17th, 2014; and closed out the year with a FlipSide “Live” Recording in Chicago, IL.Today Keelan spends the time he has working on his sophomore project, serving as Music Director for his church and other artists, playing at local, national and global venues, never a dull moment.