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in ear monitors from alclair audio
Johnny Swim - Alclair Artists - Alclair Audio In Ear Monitors
Alclair RevX ten driver ultimate in ear monitor

With 4 low drivers, 4 mids, a tweeter and a super-tweeter, the RevX in ear monitor brings out your best every day. It has loads of headroom, deep bass, lucious mids and articulate highs.  It’s an inspired monitor that is all about inspiring you.

Alclair Electro 6 driver electrostatic monitor in-ear monitor

The Alclair Electro is the first custom in-ear monitor featuring an internally powered electrostatic driver and it is absolutely stunning. Balanced armature drivers lend power and punch, while dual electrostatic tweeters contribute to clarity and sound stage. Read more here.

Alclair Audio Resources page - tips and hints for in ear monitors

IEM 101
What is a driver? How many do I need ? How do I put them in? How do I care for them? You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers that might give you more questions. But we can answer those too.

Inspired by You.

We were inspired by the performing artist when we made the best sounding in ear monitors on the market. But the design? Thats up to you. Use our designer to pick an inspired look to go with the inspiring sound.

LANY Alclair Artist RSM Quad Driver in-ear monitor LANY
Johnnyswim alclair artist RSM, Studio4, Spire in-ear monitors JOHNNYSWIM
Kings Kaleidoscope alclair artist - CMVK SPIRE in-ear monitors KINGS KALEIDOSCOPE
Joseph Band Alclair Artist Studio4 Quad Driver THE BAND JOSEPH
Vertical Church Band - Alclair Artist VERTICAL CHURCH BAND


Crafting the best in ear monitors available is only part of the Alclair story. We’ve been in the hearing industry for over 60 years. We develop and manufacture the impression material that audiologists across the world use to make ear impressions. We provide hearing aid fitting services out of our Minneapolis retail shop. In short, we know hearing and are passionate about helping you keep your hearing for a long time.

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