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We know this is dry but some of this stuff is important. For example, the part about the bite block. If you don’t read this and just click on through, you might not know that using less than a 1″ bite block may mean your monitors won’t fit right.

Bite Blocks

Using a 1″ bite block when you get your impressions is very important. Don’t use less than an inch. Don’t chew. Don’t open you mouth without biting on a 1″ block. If you don’t use a bite block or use less than an inch, your monitors may not seal or fit properly.


Due to the differences in how displays present color, your monitors may look a bit different than they are presented on the designer. We cannot remake shells that are slightly different from what you expect.

Artwork Placement

We will make every reasonable attempt to make your ears how they look on the designer. Since every ear is different, the placement, size, and bleed of your art may vary from the designer. We are not responsible for variances in the artwork printing due to ear size and shape.

Build Time

We make every attempt to build your in-ear monitors in the time frame quoted. Our times are estimations and are subject to delays due to quality, shop capacity, or the number of rushes in the queue.

Rush orders are available for $200. Rush service guarantees that your monitors will ship within 10 days of receiving your impressions. We reserve the right to suspend the rush service due to capacity or other production variables.

Height and Sockets

The height of your custom in-ear monitors depends on the number of drivers, configuration of drivers, and size of your ear. We make every attempt to keep the profile as low as possible and to recess the cable jacks. We cannot guarantee that the jacks will be fully recessed or the height will be flush with your ears.

Sound Signature

Your custom monitors are tested before they leave the shop to make sure they match the sound signature for the model. Since everyone hears differently, they may sound different to you than the curves indicate.

Group Orders

If ordering for multiple people in one order, we will not start the order until all the impressions have been received. If you would like us to begin each order separately as the impressions arrive, please contact us at

International Shipment/Customs

For international shipments, the purchaser is required to pay import and custom duties. We cannot report the sales price as lower than the purchase price.

Cable Discoloration

The copper that is in our cables is subject to coloration from oxidation. It cannot be seen in the black cables as the opaque casing masks it. You may notice the discoloration on clear cables but it will not affect the performance.

Monitor Safety

In-ear monitors are safer in most cases than floor wedges. We are not responsible for any damage to your ears from use or misuse of your Alclair monitors. Please note, using only one monitor can be harmful to your long term hearing health.

Return Policy

Due to the custom nature of in-ear monitors, we do not accept returns on custom made monitors. Many hours of work will go into each monitor before they are delivered to you. We do offer a 30 day fit guarantee and will work with you to make sure they fit well.


See our limited 2 year warranty here. Cables are guaranteed to function when you receive them but are not otherwise warranted.

Not Covered Under Warranty

Our warranty does not cover damage to ears caused by wax, sweat, droppage, collision, water damage, acts of God, theft, loss, cracks due to mis-storage, use of monitors outside the generally accepted use, excessive volume or amplification, or other non-manufacturing caused problems. We are happy to repair your monitors when life happens. Contact or call the shop at 800-933-9899 to arrange for a repair.

SureFit Guarantee

From time to time, a custom in-ear monitor will need fit adjustments to fit perfectly. If you need to have adjustments made, call us or contact us at and we can work with you to find out how best to adjust your monitors.

Service and Repairs

Our two year warranty covers manufacturers defects. If you need a warranty or non-warranty repair to your monitors, contact to obtain an RMA number. Repairs generally take 10-15 days depending on the type of repair required.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.