Your monitors use balanced armature drivers which are different than a traditional speaker. They don’t “blow” in the traditional sense but repair can be necessary if they are damaged by high volume levels or from drops. Please protect your in-ear monitors from falls or impact with an instrument or drum sticks.

If you notice that your ears sound quiet, are not getting enough bass, or high, or have a rattle or distortion, these are indications of wax buildup in the tubes. Most of the repairs we see are due to wax buildup. It is hard to tell because they might sound “blown”. But as balanced armature drivers don’t break like a standard speaker, this is usually caused by excess wax.

You can protect your in-ear monitors by cleaning them with the tool supplied and keeping them in the case. This will protect them from damage and the small desiccant container will help keep them dry.


If you are experiencing problems with you in-ear monitors, please contact us first. After contacting us, here is the process to get your ears repaired:

Repairs take roughly 5-15 business days to complete depending on the repair. If your shipping address has changed since you first ordered your monitors, make sure to make note of that as well.


Print and fill out the form so that we know exactly what’s going on with your ears and how to fix it. Please be as descriptive as you can. Download the Return Form here.


Send your repair with the form included to:

8700 Jefferson Highway
Osseo, MN 55369


We don’t recase or reshell other brand monitors, but if you want new colors on your Alclair in-ear monitors, we can help.  You can change the shell and face plate colors of your Alclair in-ears at any time. Contact us to set-up your recase at


  • $120 ($60 per side) Change shell, faceplate or both with on file impressions
  • $25 additional per pair for glitter shells and/or faceplates
  • $50 additional per pair for wood grain or fashion faceplates
  • $50 to add custom art to the faceplate
  • $8 shipping

Recasing takes about 10-15 business days.


Use this form to return your in-ear monitors to our shop. Please contact us at to get an RMA number for your repair.

Download the return form here: Return Form.


This form has instructions for the audiologist and a tear off portion to send in with your impressions. You will also get this form when you place an order.

Download the instructions for the audiologist here, Impression Instructions.

Send impressions or repairs with the respective forms to:

Alclair Audio
8700 Jefferson Hwy
Osseo MN 55369
(800) 933-9899
(763) 315-3007

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