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Black Friday is like a Minnesota winter. It comes early and lasts long.

From Monday, November 12th through November 25th, we will run an inspired Black Friday sale. This is your chance to upgrade to a new set or buy your first pair for an insane price. We already price models lower than most sale prices for even better quality and sound.  Hold on to your capotains (its real, look it up)!

When you check out, there will be coupon codes you can apply to your order so no need to remember this years code. The Fine Print: No, we can’t stack coupon codes. Only one can be used at a time. No, we can’t extend the sale past November 25th.  No, we can’t apply the sale price to monitors you purchased earlier this year. Please read the Terms and Conditions when you check out. You have to check the box that says you did, so you might as well read it. #honesty

15% OFF

15% OFF

Get 15% off on the Dual and Dual XB models.

20% OFF

20% OFF

Get 20% off on the Reference, Tour, RSM and CMVK models.

30% OFF

30% OFF

Get 30% (WOWZA) on the Spire, RevX , Studio3 , Studio 4 and the Electro models.


Alclair Audio Versa Dual Driver in ear monitor VERSA DUAL DRIVER - $249
Alclair Audio Dual driver vocal in ear monitor DUAL DUAL DRIVER - $299
Alclair Audio Dual XB dual musicians in ear monitor DUAL XB DUAL DRIVER - $299
Alclair Reference triple driver in ear monitor - front of house and mixing REFERENCE TRIPLE DRIVER - $399
Alclair Tour triple driver in ear monitor for musicians TOUR TRIPLE DRIVER - $499
Alclair RSM in ear monitor for muscians and producers RSM QUAD DRIVER - $649
CMVK crank master in ear monitor drummer in ear monitor bass in ear monitor CMVK FIVE DRIVER - $649
Alclair Apire six driver in ear monitor for musicians SPIRE SIX DRIVER - $849
Alclair RevX ten driver ultimate in ear monitor REVX TEN DRIVER - $1499
Studio3 triple driver alclair in ear monitor for studios and engineers STUDIO3 TRIPLE DRIVER - $749
Studio4 quad driver Custom in ear monitor for studios and engineers STUDIO4 QUAD DRIVER - $949
Alclair Electro 6 driver electrostatic monitor in-ear monitor ELECTRO SIX DRIVER ELECTROSTATIC HYBRID - $1499


Fir Headphone Vac for cleaning in ear monitors In Ear Monitor Vacuum
Cleaning Supplies Kit
Ear Gel Lubricant
Alclair Cleaning Tool Cleaning Tool 5-Pack


Pelican case for protecting in-ear monitors Hard Shell Pelican Case
Clamshell zipper case for Alclair universal in-ear monitors and custom in-ear monitors. Clam Shell Zipper Case
Haiti Made In-Ear Monitor Case for custom and universal IEMS - Front View Haiti Made Leather Case
Dotz belt and shirt clip plus cable keeper Shirt/Belt Clip and Cable Strap
Black Alclair Two Pin cable for in-ear monitors. Replacement Cables
Mic Cable for in-ear monitors - Coiled Black Microphone Cable
ISOPRO replacement tips for Curve Universal in-ear monitor Foam Replacement Tips
1/4" adapter for in-ear monitors 1/4" Adapter


Musicians Plugs for noise reduction with filters by Alclair Musician Earplugs
Custom hearing protection by Alclair for hunting, racing, factories, on the job noise reduction. Alclair Custom Hearing Protection


Alclair Audio branded Miir stainless vacuum hot/cold bottle Side image Alclair Stainless Hot/Cold 23oz Bottle
Blue-ish Green Alclair Logo Tee Green-ish Blue Logo Tee
Alclair in-ear icon sticker Stickers
Alclair Audio Flatbill snapback hat for custom in-ear monitors Flatbill Snapback
Alclair Mesh trucker hat Mesh Logo Hat
Alclair Rise 5 panel Hat - Custom in-ear monitor apparel 5 Panel Alclair Rise Hat
Alclair Shirt Charcoal Charcoal Logo Tee
Alclair Audio Gift Certificate for in-ear monitors or iem accessories Gift Certificate

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