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RevX Ten Driver Monitor

RevX Ten Driver Monitor

The brand new RevX ten driver monitor from Alclair Audio is a monster. The most versatile stage monitor to date, the RevX is also great for music listeners, especially those who love low end but still like clarity and detail.

The RevX is a bit of a chameleon. A chameleon the size of Godzilla. With 4 low end drivers, 4 mid drivers, a tweeter and a super tweeter, the RevX doesn’t present as overly bassy or bright but the massive amounts of headroom mean that when the music has thunderous lows… you get thunderous lows. With deeply extended and round lows, detailed mids and articulate highs, the RevX is our most versatile monitor. Any stage performer will be inspired by the energy in the RevX. Music listeners will hear things in mixes they never heard before.


The RevX is a masterclass in versatility. Bass players, drummers and DJs will love that they can throw any amount of low end at it and the RevX responds “give me more.” Keyboardists and guitar players will find the rich detail that showcases their tone comes alive. The upper-mids and highs will excite vocalists looking for their vocals to jump out of the mix.

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