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In-Ear Monitors For The Studio

In-Ear Monitors for the Studio

It wasn’t long ago that records were recorded in big studios costing thousands of dollars per day. As digital recording took over tape and prices on good quality gear started dropping, there was a migration from the studios of old. First it moved to artists and producers recording out of their own studios. Then the personal studio started gaining traction with artists buying gear to record their own records and projects. While the big labels might bemoan the loss of album sales, great quality records are being made in basements, granny flats, and spare rooms. Artists who might otherwise be excluded from participation in the industry have access to success through internet, media placements, and streaming outlets.

To take it a step further, the electronic production of music has made it possible to create records with little to no actual “recording”. At least until vocals are added. And those same records can be mixed just as well in a hotel or at the beach (maybe by the pool would be better, no one likes sand in their Mac) as in the basement studio. The one “external” tool that is becoming essential (besides your iLok, sigh) for mixing and producing on the road is a great set of monitors.

Alclair Audio has developed a line of studio in-ear monitors designed to help mixers and producers make those hit records anywhere they go.  We’ve got hip-hop producers in Atlanta who have mixed and released entire songs on their Alclair Studio monitors.  Sometimes engineers will get 95% of the mix done on their Alclair monitors, then jump into the studio to finish it off. Session players are able to track at home and know that what they record is exactly what they hear.

Alclair Audio has developed a line of studio in-ear monitors designed to help mixers and producers make those hit records anywhere they go. Click To Tweet

The Studio3 triple driver is musical and dynamic. For engineers who are looking to monitor on headphones that are closer to how modern music is consumed, the Studio3 offers clarity and range with a subtle low and upper-mid contour. For many of us in the shop, it’s our favorite monitor. It’s bold, energetic and extremely musical. The Studio3 is $749 and, as one user put it, “ruins every other monitor in my drawer.”

The Studio4 quad driver is hyper-balanced and accurate. It falls along the lines of  more traditional “un-colored” monitoring. It has a wide soundstage and depth for mixing reverb tails and placing instruments front to back as well as left to right. For those mixers who need super flat but with astounding clarity, this is the one. It lets you distinguish nuances of reverb type and subtle modulations in delay. The Studio4 runs $949 and will give you “portable perfection” in monitoring.

Both models feature precision tuned high performance parts with three sound bores for exceptional clarity and reduced distortion. They both come with a custom copper cable that brings out the best in these studio masterpieces.

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